Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't Put Out the Spirit's Fire

If grieving the Holy Spirit is something that Paul warns the individual about, putting out the Spirit's fire is a danger that can happen in the local church. In this second of two messages on sinning against Holy Spirit, we look at how we can quench the Spirit and how we can fan into a flame the Spirit's work in our churches.

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Grieving the Holy Spirit

While professing belief in the Holy Spirit, nonetheless, most Christians fail to understand that the Spirit dwell within them. This misunderstanding leads Paul to admonish the believer to not grieve the Holy Spirit. This message, the first of two dealing with how we sin against the Spirit, looks at how we grieve the Spirit and how we can repent of that sin.

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A Greater Pentecost

In the Upper Room, Jesus promised his disciples that they would do greater things than they had seen him do; how was this possible? Because the Holy Spirit would enable them to do so. This Pentecost message considers the greater things that the Spirit has given to the Church.

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